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This book is about what I know and have learned, as a highly sensitive child, living in a world who is not always ready for it.

Being highly sensitive means, in short, that I am very sensitive when I am around other people. Highly sensitive also mean, that I am sensitive for things that are happening around me.

The surroundings find it often hard to understand and that is why I am not always well understood. Do you recognise this as well?

This book is specially made for highly sensitive children and for all other children who could use some extra support in life.

The purpose of this book is to remind you, that you are already perfect as you are. And to help you to stay as close to yourself as possible. To who you are and what you are feeling. And to choose more often for yourself.

To support you with all of this, I also want to introduce you to someone in this book. To someone you already know very well! Wouldn’t that be fun?

Besides this, I will share some handy hints and exercises with you, which you can use. Some of them are kind of mysterious. What I mean by this, is that you might did not hear or read much about it that often. But know probably already something about from within.

And then there is a secret, you can read about. This secret is about a special mission you once received by coming to this earth.

You did not receive this mission for no reason. This mission however is very special, just like you…

I wish you much fun and enjoyment reading this book!

With love,



English version of the book ‘Hello, I am Gwen



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