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Affiliation conditions for HSP Webshop

Below are the affiliation conditions of the HSP Samen Webshop that apply if you are a registered affiliate with HSP Webshop.

Via HSP Together Webshop it is possible to participate in the affiliation program and in this way contribute to the awareness of (high) sensitivity, different learning and related topics. And of course to generate extra income for yourself.

HSP Webshop is part of Coaching by Barbara

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Chamber of Commerce number: 61526266

VAT number: NL182811529B01


The following conditions have been drawn up for the benefit of participants in the affiliate program of the HSP Webshop and are therefore applicable to every registered affiliate partner, affiliated with HSP as such. By registering for the affiliation / partner program, the applicant indicates to have taken note of these conditions and to have accepted them.


Each right person can become a participant of the partner program of the HSP Webshop by completing the online registration form.

It is at the discretion of HSP Webshop whether an applicant is admitted as a participant in the affiliation program. HSP Webshop is entitled to refuse participation without giving reasons.

General admission requirements

An affiliation of HSP Webshop must meet the following requirements.

  • Acceptance of these general conditions.
  • The applicant’s details are true.
  • Participating sites contain high-quality content.


Every website that participates in the affiliate / partner program of HSP Webshop should refrain from:

  • Erotic, violent or pornographic character
  • Deception of third parties
  • Violate copyright, trademark, portrait or other rights of third parties
  • Promote, promote or develop illegal activities
  • Conflicting or offensive content regarding HSP Together Webshop
  • Discriminatory or offensive character


Inclusion of links to HSP Webshop in newsletters is permitted provided that these newsletters and registrations comply with the applicable rules. Spam in any form is absolutely not allowed.

Affiliation program

The affiliate partner, in consultation with HSP Webshop, receives a predetermined commission from the product sales that comes about through a link to HSP Webshop from the website or newsletter of the affiliate partner.

Note, not all products in the HSP Webshop apply. At present, the following committees apply to all affiliate partners:

15% on the book ‘Hello, I am Gwen’ (including VAT)

15% on the ebook ‘Hello, I’m Gwen’ (including VAT)

15% on the ebook ‘Hello, I am Gwen’ (including VAT)

The commissions will be expanded at a later date, at this moment we will start with commission on the above 3 products.

In addition, (later) references will be made to, for example, These products cannot be purchased via HSP Webshop, so these do not apply to the commission.

Direct sale of HSP Webshop products on the website of the affiliate partner is not allowed. However, it is possible to organize the physical sale of the book ‘Hello, I am Gwen’ through your own practice or organization. Send an e-mail to

Placement of links takes place at the discretion of the affiliate partner with due observance of Article 3.

Sales are measured using a tracking code. All measurements of HSP are binding. Payment is made solely on the basis of measurements from HSP Webshop. Malfunctions, technical errors and incorrectly generated sales are reserved.


Payment will be made within 20 working days at the request of the affiliate partner. A request can be submitted after 25.00 euros or more has been realized. An amount will only be definitively awarded after the expiry of the statutory period of 14 days (return right). If a customer cancels or returns a product, the right to commission on this specific purchase expires.

Payment is made by bank transfer or giro transfer, provided that this is an account from the euro zone and is registered in the name of the affiliate partner.

Each committee is approved unless there is fraud. This at the discretion of HSP Webshop.

Termination agreement

HSP Webshop reserves the right to terminate an agreement with an affiliate partner at any time without prior indication of reasons with immediate effect. The affiliate partner also has the right to terminate participation in the HSP Webshop affiliation program at any time without giving any reason.

If it turns out that the affiliate partner has acted contrary to one or more articles from these terms and conditions, the affiliate partner loses all rights arising from the agreement, as well as entitlement to any outstanding credits.

Change conditions

HSP Webshop is entitled at all times to change these affiliation conditions.

The affiliate partner will be informed about changes by mail. If the affiliate partner cannot find a change, the affiliate partner must immediately terminate participation in the affiliate / partner program. If the participation is continued, affiliate partner is deemed to have accepted the amended affiliation conditions.


Any damage resulting from unlawful use of the HSP Webshop affiliation program will be recovered from the offender by HSP Webshop.


HSP Webshop cannot be held liable for damage and / or costs that would have resulted from a technical malfunction and / or due to maintenance being temporarily inaccessible from its websites.

Applicable law

Dutch law applies exclusively to all agreements concluded by and with HSP Webshop. If necessary, any disputes will be submitted to the Dutch court. If a provision from these affiliate conditions should be in conflict with Dutch law, then this will, without prejudice to the scope of the relevant provision, be amended in accordance with Dutch law.

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