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What is more beautiful than giving our children something valuable at a young age, so that they do not build up too many ‘layers’ and keep a pure view on others and on themselves?

The book ‘Hello, I am Gwen‘ reminds children of who they are in their pure core and how they can stay their own selves.

This book is also linked to the adventure of our academy, the ‘Hello, I am Gwen Academy’, founded by Barbara Veer and professional supervisors and therapist of children. We all share one goal: to create more awareness about (highly) sensitive and otherwise learning children. Actually about our current generation children.

The book is also read by parents and (professional) supervisors of children, for themselves or to be able to ‘see’ others much better. And that is a good thing, because they determine the preconditions and space in which children are allowed to and are able to be their own selves.

Many people are already committed to this mission, as a Professional Trainer or as Ambassador and


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